Thoughtfully Sourced

Haste only sources unique, pure, high-quality ingredients that are proven effective in creating a healthy & sustainable lifestyle. Our team has worked tirelessly (with the help of some product testing) to provide thoughtful ingredient blends that produce results!

Simply Effective

You already do all the things: work out, meditate, eat right, and supplement. Let Haste fill in the blanks! Our blends are formulated for on-the-go nutrition, supporting your physical and mental well-being all while (literally) taking the supplements off your plate.

Deliciously Supportive

Life is already full of compromise. Let's not add your wellness to the list. Haste offers impressive health benefits without sacrificing flavor. Sometimes, you can have it all.

Daily Broad-spectrum

Haste K-Pod Immunity Adaptogen Drink Blend

Haste's Immunity blend is a premium, medium roast, Arabica coffee infused with key adaptogens providing a one-stop solution for a busy life. Utilizing sustainably-sourced pure ingredients, our Immunity blend uses several key supplements shown to strengthen your body's response to stress, inflammation and daily toxins.

Each carton contains 10 pods.

All pods are recyclable!

What's In My Cup?

A proprietary blend of powerhouse vitamins and adaptogens that include Orange powder, Quercetin, Camu Camu, Cordyceps and Vitamin D.


10 pods


South America

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Hi we’re Haste

Haste is a woman-owned and led wellness and lifestyle functional beverage brand. Inspired by the dedicated, empowered, productive, and humble heroes in our lives, our team has developed tasteful, convenient products to help you find balance in a busy life. Using modern methods and synchronizing nature, body, and science, our beverages complement and enhance your daily rituals without adding one more task to check off a list or sacrificing your favorite flavors. We're humbled, excited, and eager to continue providing quality beverages to you. We are grateful you are here. Thank you, we couldn't do it without you.



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