What ARE

What are they?

Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and promote overall well being.

Why use them?

Why should you care about these ugly little mushrooms and other plants? It's what's on the inside that counts! We use adaptogens as a way to enhance your healthy lifestyle or jump start your journey to healthier choices.

Some of the adaptogens you will find in our HASTE curated blends are


It is deeply energizing yet calms anxiety. Think of it as a phone call with your best friend.


Decreases inflammation in your body and helps open your airways. Think of it as your natural humidifier.


A vitality booster for mood, energy and sexual health. Think of it as an unexpected day off.

The Haste Difference

Simply Effective

Haste is your partner in wellness from home, office to the gym and beyond. Our blends go above the rest to make wellness simple.

Taste of Haste

Enjoy the Haste blend flavor difference infused with the supplements, adaptogens and superfoods you trust without compromising the taste you deserve.

Quality & Commitment

Sustainably sourced and responsibly packaged using recyclable pods. We offer unmatchable products without ever losing sight of quality and our commitment to your health and wellness.


What is haste coffee?

Haste Coffee is your favorite cup of coffee infused with adaptogens, vitamin supplements and antioxidants. Our blends support your wellness routine by removing the need for powders, capsules and most importantly your time.

Does your coffee taste like vitamins?

Haste blends are thoughtfully curated to balance your daily cup with all of the powerful benefits you seek while not compromising the taste you deserve.

Can I use Haste Coffee pods in my Keurig?

Haste pods are Keurig compatible. You can feel confident in using your Haste pods in any Keurig or K cup compatible coffee makers.

Does Haste support weight loss?

We are always evolving. Be on the lookout for Haste pods that support your weight loss goals.

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